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Lakehill Living Room.jpeg

Living Room

This home was fun because it was used as a spec house for the developer when selling homes for the community. While the home was beautiful, it resembled many throughout the neighborhood and didn’t reflect the individuality of the current owners. 


In this project, we picked out a creamy white wall color and a complimentary beige trim paint to make the space feel bright but also warm and inviting. Although we typically steer away from painting one wall a different color, the large walls allowed us to add black to the mix without closing in the space. The black paint against the concrete fireplace surround allowed the fireplace to stand out! This was one of our main objectives since the majority of this project was the fireplace remodel! The beam was a repurposed piece of wood that was once used to haul equipment throughout the country. It looks like an old railroad tie but without the hazardous chemical those can produce.


In the breakfast nook, we repainted an old wooden table, bought some new chairs, and added curtains that we hung from a less traditional height, against the ceiling, to exaggerate the tall ceilings in the space! To bring the black paint through to that space, we added shiplap under the bar and painted it the same color as the fireplace wall.


Overall, we love the way this space turned out!


Lakehill Living Room.jpeg
Lakehill Living Room pt3.jpeg
Lakehill Living Room pt 2-1.jpeg
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