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RV Remodel

This old RV was brought back to life with a few small and inexpensive changes! In this project, we painted the walls a bright white with a complimentary bright beige to make the space nice and airy. Muddy boots and pup paws are welcome to come inside now that we have replaced the old carpet with a more durable luxury vinyl plank flooring. 


To freshen up the cabinetry on a tight budget, we flipped the old cabinet doors around to have a more modern shaker style. We painted the lower cabinets a dark charcoal black and removed the upper shelves to give the feel of more headroom. In order to make floating shelves livable, we have two bins under the dining seats to store everything on the shelves when in motion. 


The living room couch was stuck in the 80’s so we found a slip cover that worked perfectly and made a world of difference!


Although the space itself was tiny, there was still room for a coffee bar! Finding unique and creative ways to add what is important to you is always a fun challenge. We love the way this small coffee bar looked and functioned in the space!


The bathroom and bedroom needed a facelift as well and we did that through paint, new bedding, a cute accent wall, and some hardware!

AFTER RV Living Room.JPG
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